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Swimming Pool Salt Water System Conversions

Swimming pool salt water system conversions

Whether you are building a pool or want to convert your old chlorine style pool into a salt water pool let Clear Blue Water Pools do it for you today.

How Salt Water Systems Work

To achieve all of you pool's purification needs, the natural chlorine generator system uses a very low concentration of ordinary table salt, less than the concentration found in the human tear. Normally chlorine comes in a concentrated form to enable its transport and use. This concentrated form of chlorine is sometimes harmful to humans and the environment alike. The Natural Chlorine Generator uses natural salt minerals to produce a “free” form of chlorine in small amounts that is immediately and directly infused into the pool water for sanitation. When the free chlorine finishes cleaning and disinfecting the water, it naturally converts right back into salt, which is reused to make free chlorine again. Since the free chlorine is made and used within the pool water, this method eliminates the risk of chlorine spills and the use of concentrated forms of chlorine.

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